The House of Usher (1989)

South Africa, 1989
35mm film, colour
Dolby, English

A South African horror film directed by Alan Birkinshaw.

Plot Summary

Ryan and his fiancée Molly are invited to join his uncle Roderick Usher at their dilapidated family home. Roderick is insane and buries Ryan alive before drugging and raping Molly in an attempt to continue the dyig Usher family line.


Directed by: Alan Birkinshaw
© MCMLXXXIX [1989] Breton Film Productions Ltd.
A Breton Film Productions Ltd. production. A Breton film
Executive Producer: Avi Lerner
Produced by: Harry Alan Towers
Associate Producer: John H. Stodel
Screenplay by: Michael J. Murray
[Based on the Story by]: Edgar Allan Poe [credited in a possessory above the title]
Director of Photography: Jossi Wein
Edited by: Michael J. Duthie
Sound Mixer: Ian Pople
Wardrobe Designer: Dianna Cilliers
Chief Makeup Artist: Cleone Johnson
Hair Stylist: Darryl Ducasse
Special Prosthetic Effects by: Scott Wheeler
Special Effects Coordinator: Gregg Pitts
Production Designer: Leonardo Coen Cagli
Casting: Gianna Pisanello

Oliver Reed (Roderick Usher)
Donald Pleasence (Walter Usher)
Romy Windsor (Molly)
Rufus Swart (Ryan)
Norman Coombes (Mr Derrick)
Anne Stradi (Mrs Derrick)
Carole Farquhar (Gwen)
Philip Godewa (Dr Bailey)
Leonorah Ince, Jonathan Fairbirn (children)

Alternative Titles

A Casa de Usher – Portugal
The Fall of the House of Usher
Kuca Aserovih – Serbia
La maison des Usher – France
Il mistero di casa Usher – Italy
La pavorosa casa de Usher – Mexico
O pyrgos tis frikis – Greece (video)
Az Usher-ház bukása – Hungary



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