The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)

UK, 1958
83m 3s (UK – video), 84m (USA – theatrical), 87m 13s (UK – theatrical)
35mm, Technicolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Terence Fisher and based on the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle. It was the first adaptation of the book to be made in colour.

Plot Summary

Sherlock Holmes and Dr are called upon to investigate the mystery of the giant hound, apparently on the loose on Dartmoor, that supposedly stalks the Baskerville family. Along the way, they uncover a strange family plot that dates back several generations.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Terence Fisher
© MCMLVIII [1958] by Hammer Film Productions
Hammer Film Productions present a Hammer Film productions
Executive Producer: Michael Carreras
Produced by: Anthony Hinds; Kenneth Hyman *
Associate Producer: Anthony Nelson Keys
Production Manager: Don Weeks
Screenplay by: Peter Bryan
Based on the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Assistant Director: John Peverall
2nd Assistant Director: Tom Walls *
3rd Assistant Director: Hugh Harlow *
Continuity: Shirley Barnes
Director of Photography: Jack Asher
Camera Operator: Len Harris
2nd Unit Camera Operator: Teddy Catford *
Focus Puller: Harry Oakes *
Clapper Loader: Anthony Powell *
Stills: Tom Edwards *
Supervising Editor: James Needs
Editor: Alfred Cox
Assistant Editor: Peter Todd *
2nd Assistant Editor: Roy Norman *
Music Composed by: James Bernard
Conducted by: John Hollingsworth
Sound Recorder: Jock May
Boom Operator: Jim Perry *
RCA Sound Recording
Wardrobe: Molly Arbuthnot
Hound Mask: Margaret Robinson *
Make-Up: Roy Ashton
Hairstyles: Henry Montsash
Special Effects: Sid Pearson
Production Designer: Bernard Robinson
Assistant Art Director: Don Mingaye
Property Master: Tommy Money *
Scenic Artist: Gilbert Wood *
Production Secretary: Pat Green *
Produced at Bray Studios

Peter Cushing (Sherlock Holmes)
André Morell (Doctor Watson)
Christopher Lee (Sir Henry Baskerville)
Marla Landi (Cecile)
David Oxley (Sir Hugo Baskerville)
Francis De Wolff (Dr Mortimer)
Miles Malleson (Bishop Frankland)
John Le Mesurier (Barrymore)
Ewen Solon (Stapleton)
Helen Goss (Mrs Barrymore)
Sam Kydd (Perkins)
Michael Hawkins (Lord Caphill)
Judi Moyens (servant girl)
Michael Mulcaster (convict)
David Birks (servant)
Elizabeth Dott [Mrs Goodlippe – uncredited]
Ian Hewitson [Lord Kingsblood – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

La Furia dei Baskerville – Italy
Der Hund von Baskerville – Germany

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