The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1981)

UK, 5 January -9 February 1981
1 series, 6 episodes, average 30m
videotape, 16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British comedy science fiction television series based on the radio series by Douglas Adams.


A Vogon Demolition Fleet destroys the Earth to make way for a new hyperspace bypass and Arthur Dent is persuaded by his friend Ford Prefect (who turns out to be a researcher for an electronic reference guide called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) to join him in hitching a lift aboard one of the Vogon ships. This is just the beginning of an epic odyssey through time and space that will take Arthur to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and back to the prehistoric past in the company of such characters as the two-headed Zaphod Beeblebrox, planetary designer Slatibartfast and the manically depressed robot Marvin, the paranoid android.


5 January 1981
12 January 1981
19 January 1981
26 January 1981
2 February 1981
9 February 1981


New Musical Express 17 January 1981 p.5 – review (Dangerous visions by Paul Morley)
Radio Times vol.230 no.2982 (3-9 January 1981) p.5 – illustrated note (At last, the first intergalactic, multi-media epic – cheap too)