The Haunting of Morella (1990)

35mm film, colour
Chance Surround Stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Jim Wynorski.

Plot Summary

A witch is executed, leaving behind an infant daughter. Seventeen years later, the daughter is fully grown and stands to inherit the money left to her by her mother. But the mother is determined to have her revenge from beyond the grave and possesses her own daughter's body to do it.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jim Wynorski
© 1989 Pacific Trust
New Horizons *
Produced by: Roger Corman
Associate Producers: Alida Camp, Rodman Flender
Screenplay by: R.J. Robertson
Story: Edgar Allan Poe *
Director of Photography: Zoran Hochstatter
Edited by: Diane Fingado
Music by: Fredric Ensign Teetsel, Chuck Cirino
Sound Mixer: Rill Robbins
Costume Designer: Fionn
Key Make-up/Hair: Desne Jane Holland
Special Effects Make-up: Die-Aktion Inc, Dean Jones, Starr Jones, Jan Talman
Production Designer: Gary Randall

David McCallum (Gideon)
Nicole Eggert (Morella/Lenora)
Christopher Halsted (Guy)
Lana Clarkson (Coel)
Jonathan Farwell (Dr Gault)
Maria Ford (Diane)
Gail Harris (Ilsa)
John O'Leary (Quintis)
Brewster Gould (Miles Archer)
Clement von Franckenstein (Judge Brock)
R.J. Robertson (Reverend Ward)
Debbie Dutch (serving girl)

Alternative Titles

El hechizo de Morella – Venezuela



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