The Haunted Sea (1997)

USA, 1997
Recorded in Ultra Stereo, English
Reviewed at The

An American horror film directed by Dan Golden using the pseudonym Daniel Patrick.

Plot Summary

A ship is found drifting without a crew. Captain Ramsey and his crew explore and find the hold stuffed full of ancient Aztec . But it's being guarded by a monster that soon starts killing off the interlopers.


Directed by: Daniel Patrick [real name: Dan Golden]
© 1997 The Pacific Trust
New Horizons [logo]. A Concorde production
Executive Producers: Lawrence Johnson; Roger Corman *
Produced by: Marta M. Mobley
Written by: T.C. McKelvey
Director of Photography: John Aronson
Edited by: Bob Berman
Music by: Eric Wurst, David Wurst and Nigel Holton
Sound Mixer: Buck Robinson
Costume Designer: Bonnie Stauch
Key Make-up Artist: Megan Johnson
Key Hairstylist: Denise Rossouw
Creature Effects by: Magical Media Industries
Special Effects Coordinator: Greg Landerer
Production Designer: Nava

Joanna Pacula (1st Mate Bergren)
Krista Allen (2nd Mate Johnson)
Don Stroud (Chief Foster)
Ronald William Lawrence (Marcus Talbot)
Duane Whitaker (Andy Delgado)
Jeff Phillips (Charlie Lane)
Eb Lottimer (Doug Ward)
James Brolin (Captain Ramsey)
Len Donato (Chief Engineer Anderson)
Horatio Ledon (Randall Fisher)
Cole McKay (Captain Jameson)
Brendon Crigler (Queztacoatl)

Alternative Titles

Ghost Ship – working title