The Hand of Night (1966)

UK, 1966
35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Frederic Goode.

Plot Summary

Paul Carver is a near alcoholic on the verge of self-destruction following the deaths of his wife and child in a car crash. Lost and lonely in Morocco, he meets the enigmatic Marisa at a party and later witnesses the bizarre transformation of a ruined castle into a magnificent palace with Marisa and her servants as its inhabitants. Carver is seduced and virtually hypnotised by Marisa’s ethereal ways. Chantal, The step daughter of local archaeologist Gunther, has fallen for Carver and is alarmed by her father’s dire warnings that Marisa is in fact a Druj, a Persian vampire.


Director: Frederic Goode
Associated British, Pathé
Producer: Harry Field
Script: Bruce Stewart
Assistant Director: Ted Morley
Director of Photography: William Jordan
Editor: Fredrick Ives
Music: John Shakespeare
Make-up: Cliff Sharpe
Animators: Nancy Hanna, Keith Learner, Vera Linnecar
Art Director: Peter Moll
Choreography: Boscoe Holder
Locations: Morocco

William Sylvester (Paul Carver)
Diane Clare (Chantal)
Aliza Gur (Marisa)
Edward Underdown (Gunther)
Terrence De Marney (Omar)
William Dexter (Leclerc)
Sylvia Marriott (Mrs Petty)
Avril Sadler (Mrs Carver)
Angela Lovell (air hostess)
Maria Hallowi (nurse)

Alternative Titles

Beast of Morocco – USA



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