The Gruesome Twosome (1967)

35mm film, “filmed in Eastmancolor”, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Plot Summary

Mrs Pringle and her son Rodney have an odd way of keeping their wig shop in stock – they rent a room to young female students who they then scalp! One of the students, Kathy decides that she wants to track down the killer when her friend Dawn falls victim to the Pringles…


Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Copyright 1967 Mayflower Picture [sic], Inc.
Mayflower Pictures, Inc. presents a Herschell Gordon Lewis production
Executive Producer: Fred M. Sandy
Produced by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Original Screenplay by: Louise Downe A pseudonym for Allison Louise Downe]
Camera Operator: Roy Collodi
Editorial Supervisor: George Regas
Musical Arrangements: Larry Wellington
Sound: William Johnson
by: Enrico of Miami

Elizabeth Davis (Mrs Pringle)
Gretchen Wells (Dawn)
Chris Martell (Rodney)
Rodney Bedell (Dave)
Ronnie Cass (Kathy)
Karl Stoeber
Dianne Wilhite
Andrea Barr
Dianne Raymond
Sherry Robinson
Barrie Walton
Marcelle Bichette
Tom Brent
Mike Todd
C.A. Dukes
Barbara Kerwin
Kim Kerwin
Nat Warden
Irene Stoeber
Michael Lewis

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