The Greatest Store in the World (1999)

UK, 24 December
colour, 4:3
stereo, English

A British fantasy television film directed by Jane Prowse.

Plot Summary

A single mum and her two young daughters are made homeless just before when their mobile home is destroyed. They find themselves living in a huge department store, dodging the zealous security guard and uncovering a plot by the store's and his sidekick to stage a jewel robbery.


Director: Jane Prowse
© BBC MCMXCIX [1999]
A Film and General production in association with Production Line and The Television Production Company Plc for BBC. Developed in association with Carlton Television
Executive Producers: Clive Parsons, Davina Belling, Michael Forte
Producer: Gillian Gordon
Line Producer: Annie Rees
Screenplay by: Alex Shearer based on his novel
Director of Photography: Paul Wheeler
Editor: Frances Parker
Music: Carl Davis
Sound Recordist: Bruce White
Costume Designer: Leigh Bellis
Make-Up Designer: Hilary Martin
Visual Effects: Matelot
Production Designer: Richard Elton
Casting Director: Ann Fielden

Dervla Kirwan (Mum [Geraldine])
Ricky Tomlinson (Santa)
Sean Hughes (Elf)
Peter Capaldi (Mr Whiskers)
Helen Schlesinger (Miss Greystone)
Elizabeth Earl (Livvy)
Holly Earl (Angeline)
Brian Blessed as Mr Scottley
Amanda Symonds (WPC Mathley)
Philip Wright (Mr Norris)
Mark Gould (homeless boy)
Kelly Knatchbull (Scrooge)
Devon Anderson (David)
Samantha Sharp (kid in audience)
Jenny Tarren (bedding assistant)
Sion Lloyd (sports & recreation assistant)
John Owens (camping dept assistant)
Sean Wightman (security patrolman)
Isla Blair (grand lady)
Jacqui Gordon-Lawrence (Maggie)
Brigid Zengeni (housing assistant)
Jelena Budimir (Mrs Revers)
S Club 7 appear with thanks to Simon Fuller at 19 Management



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