The Great London Mystery (1920)

12 part serial
black and white

A British fantasy serial directed by Charles Raymond. Popular stage conjurer David Devant had already been the star of innumerable short films cataloguing his extensive catalogue of tricks and illusions before turning his hand to acting.

Plot Summary

A conjurer helps to bring a Chinese crime lord to justice. Along the way encounters The Man Monkey and Froggie the Vampire in a series of scrapes that involve , subterfuge and fake illusions.


Director: Charles Raymond
Torquay and Paignton Photoplay Productions
Producer: R. Reubenson
Script: Hope Loring, Charles Raymond

David Devant (The Master Magician)
Lady Doris Stapleton (Audrey Malvern)
Charles Raymond (Ching Fu)
Robert Clifton (Bob Sefton)
Kenneth Duffy (Edward Selwyn)
Martin Valmour (Webb)
Lester Gard (the man monkey)
Sadie Bennett (Curley)
Lola De Liane (Froggie the vampire)


1. The Sacred Snake Worshippers
2. The Vengeance of Fu Ching
3. The Search for the Will
4. The Daylight Gold Robbery
5. The House of Mystery
6. Echoes of the Past
7. The Rogue Unmasked
8. The Fraudulent Spiritualistic Seance
9. The Living Dead
10. Her Fortune at Stake
11. Checkmated
12. East and West



  • Bioscope 25 November 1920 p.80 – review