The Gospel According to Scrooge (1983)

USA, December
mono, English

An American fantasy television film directed by Mark S. Vegh.

Plot Summary

A version of A Carol that emphasises the religious aspects of Dickens' novel.


Director: Mark S. Vegh
Hope Productions International
Executive Producer: Dennis E. Worre
Television Producer: John Worre
Stage Producer: Tom Elie
Adapted and Written by: James P. Schumacher
Adapted for Television by: Mark S. Vegh
Novel: by Charles Dickens
Lighting Directors: John Burch, Denny Carlson
Editing Engineer: Paula Ribaudo
Music Written by: Thomas Elie, John Worre
Audio Director: John Parotti
Costume Designers: Kathy Barnes, Lynnette Uzzell
Director of Choreography: Robert Whitesel
Locations: The Jesus People Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Robert Buchanan (Ebenezer )
Robert Whitesel (Bob Cratchit)
Melanie Burve (Tiny Tim)
Kathy Whorre (Caroline Cratchit)
Eric Worre (young adult Scrooge)
Debbie Anderson (young adult Belle)
Charlie Hubbell (child Scrooge)
Larissa Uzzell (child Belle)
Sara Renner (1st angel)
Jim Schumacher (2nd angel)
Joe Vincent (3rd angel)
Buddy VanLoon (Mr Fezziwig)
Linda VanLoon (Mrs Fezziwig)
Donna Bittner (school teacher)
Alida Bradley (woman solicitor)
Chris Vincent (man solicitor)
Ken Salaman (pawn broker)
Kathi Winger (charwoman)
Karin Merkouris (laundress)
Mary Hammarland (chamber maid)


A Christmas Carol and Its Adaptations: A Critical Examination of Dickens's Story and Its Productions on Screen and Television by Fred Guida p.213 – credits