The Gore Gore Girls (1972)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Plot Summary

are being stalked by a brutal serial killer. A fenale reporter and a detective join forces to investigate.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
© [not given on screen]
Lewis Motion Picture Enterprises presents
Produced by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Original Screenplay by: Alan J. Dachman
Second Unit Director: Ray Szegho [real name: Ray Sager]
Director of Cinematography: Alex Ameri
Film Editor: Eskandar Ameripoor [real name: Alex Ameri]
Background Music: Sheldon Seymour [real name: Herschell Gordon Lewis]
Sound Recordist: Robert Lewis
Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA *

Frank Kress (Abraham Gentry)
Amy Farrell (Nancy Weston)
Hedda Lubin (Marlene)
Henny Youngman (Marzdone Mobilie)
Russ Badger (Lt Anderson)
Jackie Kroeger (Suzie Cream Puff)
Nora Alexis (Lola Prize)
Corlee Bew (1st go-go dancer)
Phil Laurensen (1st policeman)
Emily Mason (Mary McHenry)
Frank Rice (2nd policeman)
Lena Bousman (2nd go-go dancer)
Marina Salli (3rd go-go dancer)
Norman Dachman (master of ceremonies)
Menda Macphail (4th go-go dancer)
Vicki Carr (6th go-go dancer)
Luba Cherewchenko (5th go-go dancer)
Marlene Berger
Peter Sande
Ray Sager (bartender)

Alternative Titles

Blood Orgy

Extracts included in
Extra Weird (2003)



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