The Goldfinger Phenomenon (1995)

27m 59s
colour, black and white,

An American film of genre interest directed by John Cork.


A look at the effect that Goldfinger (1964) had on the cinema going public, including rare TV spots, promotional , trailers and other oddities.


Director: John Cork
MGM-UA Home Entertainment, TWINE Entertainment
Executive Producer: George Feltenstein
Producer: Mark Cerulli, Lee Pfeiffer
Production Manager (UK): Dave Worrall
Script: Mark Cerulli, Lee Pfeiffer
Creative Consultant: Paul Scrabo
Assistant Director: Bruce Scivally
Camera: Paul Scrabo
Collectibles Photography: Tom Stroud
Additional Camera: Ed Fieder
Editor: Leon Seith
AVID Editorial Assistance: Brent Jones
Music: John Barry, Monty Norman
Song: John Barry, Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley (Goldfinger)
Songs Performed by: Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger); Anthony Newley (Goldfinger demo version)
Make-up: Jane Atkinson
Technical Support: George Ann Muller
Technical Consultant: Lance Moody
Director of Research: James Kroeper Jr
Production Assistant: Bruce Scivally
Film Archivist: Bill Duelly
Grateful Thanks to: Barbara Broccoli; Michael G. Wilson, Eon Productions
Special Thanks to: Steve Jaggs and the staff of Pinewood Studios; Ford Motor Company; Playboy Magazine; Sandra Carvalho; Nicole Dillenberg; Janet and Nicole Pfeiffer; Bob Klepeis; Ron Plesniarski; Jeff Hoole; Shelly Brett, Planet Hollywood (London); Eleanor Berger, Irv Schecter Associates; Focus Cars, Pinewood Studios; Steve Oxenrider; Brian Bavosa; Creation Entertainment; Bill Diehl; ABC News; Gretchen Putnam; Anthony Pugliesi III; Robert Luongo; Aston Martin DB5 courtesy of Mr and Mrs Chris Brigstock
From Eon Entertainments Ltd: Albert R. Broccoli; Dana Broccoli; John Parkinson; Gordon Arnell; Geoff Freeman; Iris Rose; Michael Tavares; Meg Simmons
From MGM/UA Home Entertainment: Maggie Adams; Liz Beckman; Todd Stribich; Theresa Wright
Collectibles Supplied by: Spy Guise Memorabilia Catalog
Aston Martin Collectibles and Research: Dave Worrall
Thanks to: The Ian Fleming Foundation; The Collectors Club;
The James Bond 007 Fan Club and Archive; Club James Bond 007

Patrick Macnee (narrator)
Honor Blackman
Desmond Llewelyn
Guy Hamilton
Michael Van Blaricum
Graham Rye
Pierce Brosnan

Includes extracts from
Dr. No (1962)
From Russia with Love (1963)
Goldfinger (1964)