The Ghoul (1974)

35mm, photographed in Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Freddie Francis. It is not related to the 1933 film of the same name.

Plot Summary

Doctor Lawrence, a former priest, live sin a remote mansion with just a gardener and Indian mystic for company. A group of young people, lost in the , stumble on Lawrence's home and his terrible secret – locked in the attic is his cannibalistic son who is soon on the loose…


Directed by: Freddie Francis
© MVMLXXIV Tyburn Film Productions Limited
A Tyburn Film production
Produced by: Kevin Francis
Production Manager: Ron Jackson
Screenplay by: John Elder [real name: Anthony Hinds]
Assistant Director: Peter Saunders
Continuity: Pamela Davies
Director of Photography: John Wilcox
Camera Operator: James Bawden
Gaffer: Harry Woodley
Grip: Reg Hall
Stills Photographer: Douglas Webb
Film Editor: Henry Richardson
Assistant Film Editor: Roy Helmrich
Processed by: Rank Film Laboratories
Music Composed by: Harry Robinson
Music Supervisor: Philip Martell
Recorded at: Anvil Studios
Sound Recordists: John Brommage, Ken Barker
Sound Editor: Roy Baker
Assistant Sound Editor: Berverley Collings
Costumes Designed by: Anthony Mendleson
Executed by: Bermans & Nathans of London
Wardrobe Supervisor: Bridget Sellers
Make-up: Jimmy Evans
Hairstylist: Joan Carpenter
Make-up Created by: Roy Ashton
Process Photography: Charles Staffell
Art Director: Jack Shampan
Assistant: Peter Williams
Properties: Nick Rivers
Production Accountant: David Ball
Production Assistant: Caroline Langley
Assistant to Kevin Francis: Lorraine Fennell
Choreographer: Johnny Greenland
Made on location and at Pinewood Studios, London, England

Peter Cushing (Doctor Lawrence)
John Hurt (Tom Rawlings)
Alexandra Bastedo (Angela)
Gwen Watford (Ayah)
Veronica Carlson (Daphne [Welles Hunter])
Stewart Bevan (Billy)
Ian McCulloch (Geoffrey)
John D. Collins (young man)
Dan Meaden (police sergeant)
Don Henderson as the ghoul

Alternative Titles

O Carniçal – Brazilian title
O Daimonas – Greek title
Der Ghul – West German title
O Monstro do Pântano – Portuguese title
Night of the Ghoul – US DVD title
The Thing in the Attic


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