The Ghost Train (1931)

UK, 1931
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British borderline fantasy film directed by Walter Forde.

Plot Summary

A group of rail travellers are stranded overnight at a remote railway station said to be haunted by a ghost train. But is the phantom locomotive really as supernatural as it first seems?


* = uncredited

Director: Walter Forde
Gainsborough Pictures, W & F Film Service
Producers: Michael Balcon
Associate Producer: Phil C. Samuel
Script: Angus MacPhail, Lajos BirĂ³
Additional Dialogue: Sidney Gilliat
Play: Arnold Ridley
Assistant Director: William J. Dodds
Director of Photography: Leslie Rowson
Assistant Camera: Jack Cardiff
Editor: Ian Dalrymple
Assistant Editor: Alex Milner-Gardner *
Sound Supervisor: George Gunn
Sound Recordist: Harry Hand
Art Director: Walter Murton
Locations: Islington, London, England

Jack Hulbert (Teddy Deakin)
Cicely Courtneidge (Miss Bourne)
Cyril Raymond (Richard Winthrop)
Ann Todd (Peggy Murdock)
Angela Baddeley (Julie Price)
Henry Caine (Herbert Price)
Tracey Holmes (Charles Bryant)
Carol Coombe (Elsie Bryant)
Donald Calthrop (Sam Hodgkin)
Allan Jeayes (Dr Sterling)
Walter Forde (passenger)
Matthew Boulton
Billy Watts

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