The Ghost & Mrs Muir: The Ghost of Christmas Past (1969)

USA, 25 December
colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: The Ghost & Mrs Muir (1968-1970)

An American fantasy television episode directed by Jay Sandrich.

Plot Summary

On Eve, Captain Gregg causes everyone to dream that they've been transported back to the nineteenth century where Claymore is a miser who is haunted by the ghost of the conscience he once had.


* = uncredited

Director: Jay Sandrich
Executive Producer: David Gerber
Producer: Howard Lees
Associate Producer: Robert Mintz
Production Supervisor: Jack Sonntag
Unit Production Manager: Wes McAfee
Writer: Jean Holloway
Developed for television by: Jean Holloway
Novels: R.A. Dick *
Based on the novel by Charles Dickens *
Script Consultants: Arthur Alsberg, Don Nelson
Assistant Director: Eli Dunn
Director of Photography: Richard A. Kelley
Film Editor: Bill Lewis
Post Production Supervisor: Samuel E. Beetley
Music: George Greeley
Theme: Dave Grusin
Music Supervisor: Lionel Newman
Wardrobe for Hope Lange: Evan-Picone
Art Directors: Jack Martin Smith, Leroy Deane
Set Decorators: Walter M. Scott, Bert F. Allen

Hope Lange (Carolyn Muir)
Edward Mulhare (Captain Daniel Gregg)
Reta Shaw (Martha Grant)
Charles Nelson Reilly (Claymore Gregg)
Harlen Carraher (Jonathan Muir)
Kellie Flanagan (Candace Muir)


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