The General Electric Theater: The Trail to Christmas (1957)

USA, 15 December
black and white, 4:3
Series: The General Electric Theater (1953-1962)

An American fantasy television episode directed by actor James Stewart.

Plot Summary

Cowboy Bart tells the story of Charles Dickens' A Carol to young runaway Johnny.


Director: James Stewart
Revue Studios/Theodora Productions
Producer: William Frye
Teleplay: Frank Burt, Valentine Davies
Story: Frank Burt
Based on the novel by Charles Dickens
Camera: William H. Daniels
Editor: Michael McAdam
Art Director: John Meehan

Ronald Reagan (host)
James Stewart (Bart)
Richard Eyer (Johnny Carterville)
John McIntire (Ebeneezer )
Sam Edwards (Bob Cratchit)
Will Wright (Jake Marley)
Kevin Hagen (ghost)
Sally Frazier (Belle)
Mary Lawrence (Mrs Cratchit)
Dennis Holmes (Tiny Tim)
Russell Simpson
Tom Pittman
Tony Hilder
Ted Mapes
Gregg Barton
Hope Summers


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