The Frozen Ghost (1945)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English
Reviewed on The

An American horror film directed by Harold Young. It is the fourth of the series.

Plot Summary

Gregor the Great, a down on his luck stage hypnotist is forced into hiding when an audience member dies during his act. He ends up working a wax museum unaware that he's become part of a scheme by the manager to drive him mad and steal his girlfriend.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Harold Young
Universal presents an Inner Sanctum mystery by arrangement with Simon and Schuster, Inc. Publishers. A Universal picture
Associate Producer: Will Cowan
Screenplay by: Bernard Schubert and Luci Ward
Original Story by: Harrison Carter and Henry Sucher
Adaptation by: Henry Sucher
Assistant Director: Fred Frank *
Dialogue Director: Edward Dein
Director of Photography: Paul Ivano
Editor: Fred R. Feitshans Jr *
Musical Director: H.J. Salter
Music: William Lava *, Paul Sawtell *, Frank Skinner *
Director of Sound: Bernard B. Brown
Technician: William Hedgcock
Western Electric Recording
Gowns: Vera West
Art Direction: John B. Goodman, Abraham Grossman
Set Decorations: Russell A. Gausman, Ray L. Jeffers

Lon Chaney [real name: Lon Chaney Jr] (Alex Gregor[/Gregor the Great])
Evelyn Ankers (Maura Daniel)
Milburn Stone (George Keene)
Douglass Dumbrille (Inspector Brant)
Martin Kosleck (Rudi Polden)
Elena Verdugo (Nina Coudreau)
Tala Birell (Mme. [Valerie] Monet)
Arthur Hohl (skeptic)
Eddie Acuff, Charles Jordan [reporters] *
Polly Bailey [woman in audience] *
Jan Bryant [teenage girl in audience] *
Pauline Drake [Mabel] *
William Haade [policeman on dock] *
Leyland Hodgson [doctor from audience] *
David Hoffman [The Spirit of the Inner Sanctum] *
Dennis Moore [radio show announcer] *



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