The Frozen Dead (1966)

95m, 2609.70 metres
35mm film, black and white [theatrical], “filmed in Eastmancolor” [US television]
mono, English

A British science fiction/horror film directed by Herbert J. Leder.

Plot Summary

Two decades after the end of World War II, a group of Nazi are performing experiments on the frozen corpses of Nazi leaders. Thanks to the pioneering work of Dr Norberg, they can now revive them but their plans may be jeopardised by his inquisitive niece.


Directed by: Herbert J. Leder
© MCMLXVI [1966] by Gold Star Productions Limited
Executive Producer: Robert Goldstein *
Produced by: Herbert J. Leder
Associate Producer: Tom Sachs
Production Manager: Tom Sachs *
Original Story and Screenplay by: Herbert J. Leder
1st Assistant Director: Douglas Hermes
Continuity: Doreen Soan
Director of Photography: Davis Boulton
Camera Operator: Ronnie Maasz
Film Editor: Tom Simpson
Music Composed by: Don Banks
Musical Director: Philip Martell
Sound Mixer: Kevin Sutton
Sound Editor: Jim Roddan
Westrex Recording System
Wardrobe: Mary Gibson
Make-up: Eric Carter
Hairdresser: Pearl Tipaldi
Art Director: Scott MacGregor

Dana Andrews (Dr Norberg)
Anna Palk (Jean Norburg)
Philip Gilbert (Dr Ted Roberts)
Kathleen Breck (Elsa Tenney)
Karel Stepanek (General Lubeck)
Alan Tilvern (Karl Essen)
Basil Henson (Dr Tirpitz)
Anne Tirard [Mrs Schmidt – uncredited]
Edward Fox [Norburg's brother (prisoner 3) – uncredited]
Oliver MacGreevy [Joseph the butler – uncredited]
Tom Chatto [Inspector Witt – uncredited]
John Moore [Bailey the stationmaster – uncredited]
Charles Wade [Alfie the porter – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Die Eingefrorenen – West Germany title
I redivivi – Italian title


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