The Frightened Lady (1932)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by T. Hayes Hunter.


Director: T. Hayes Hunter
British Lion Film Corporation, Gainsborough Pictures
Producer: Michael Balcon
Production Manager: Frank Cadman
Script: Angus MacPhail, Edgar Wallace
Play: The Case of the Frightened Lady by Edgar Wallace
Assistant Director: Herbert Smith
Directors of Photography: Bernard Knowles, Alex Bryce
Editor: Ralph Kemplen
Sound: Harold V. King
Designer: Norman Arnold
Studio: Beaconsfield Studios, England, UK

Emlyn Williams (Lord Lebanon)
Norman McKinnel (Chief Inspector Tanner)
Gordon Harker (Sergeant Toddy)
Cathleen Nesbitt (Lady Lebanon)
Belle Chrystall (Aisla Crane)
Cyril Raymond (Sergeant Ferraby)
D.A. Clarke-Smith (Dr Amersham)
Percy Parsons (Gilder)
Finlay Currie (Brooks)
Eric Roland (Stedd)
Julian Royce (Kelver)

Alternative Titles

Criminal at Large – USA