The Forgotten (1973)

89m, 92m
35mm, colour
mono, English

An American horror film – and former “video nasty” in the UK – directed by S.F. Brownrigg. It was added to the “nasties” list in August 1984 but was dropped from the official list in December 1985.

Plot Summary

Charlotte Beale takes up a new post as a nurse at the isolated Stephens Sanitarium only to find that her new employer, Dr Stephens, has been killed by one of the patients. The hospital is now in the care of Dr Geraldine Masters who makes life difficult for her new recruit. Charlotte gradually begins to realise that there's something very strange going on at the asylum and that not everyone is at they first seem.


Directed by: S.F. Brownrigg
© [not given on screen]
Camera 2 Productions in association with Century Films presents
Executive Producer: Walter L. Krusz
Produced by: S.F. Brownrigg
Production Coordinator: Annabelle Weenick
Original Screenplay: Tim Pope, Thomas Pope *
Continuity: C.J. Feagin
Cinematographer: Robert Alcott
Camera Operator: Dale Johnson
Assistant Cameraman: David Cejka
Gaffer: Robert Dracup
Grip: Robert Bethea, Doug Reynolds
Editor: Jerry Caraway
Assistant Editor: Lynn Lenau
Color by Movielab
Music: Robert Farrar
Sound: Edward Motteram
Sound Effects: Brian Hooper
Wardrobe: Florence Baker
Make Up: Jill Esmond
Special Effects: Jack Bennett
Art Direction: Lynda Pendleton
Locations: Tehuacana, Texas, USA
Location Coordinators: Joe Eakin, Joe Copeland, Calvin Praytor
Unit Manager: John Jacobie

William Bill McGhee as Sam
Jessie Lee Fulton as Jane St Claire
Robert Dracup as Ray Daniels
Harryette Warren as Jennifer [D.]
Michael Harvey as Dr Stephens
Jessie Kirby as Danny
Hugh Feagin as Sergeant Jaffee
Betty Chandler as Allyson [King]
Camilla Carr as Harriet
Gene Ross as [Judge] Oliver W. Cameron
Anne MacAdams [real name: Annabelle Weenick.[/mfn] as Dr [Geraldine S.] Masters
Rosie Holotik as [Nurse] Charlotte Beale
Rhea MacAdams as Mrs Callingham

Alternative Titles

Don't Look in the Basement – re-release title
Non guardare in cantina – Italy
De Sinnssykes redselshus – Norwegian video title

Don't Look in the Basement 2 (2014)

Extracts included in
House (1986)
Shiver and Shudder Show (2002)

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Cinefantastique vol.3 no.3 (Autumn 1974) p.32
The advertising for Don't Look in the Basement claims that it was made by the same folks who brought us Last House on the Left, a low-budget shocker which used violent sensationalism to make up for what it lacked in acting, sound recording, and credibility. Don't Look in the Basement, however, is in every way superior to its predecessor. […] All of the characters are vividly portrayed by a cast of unknowns, and the usual possibilities for gross overacting – a perennial danger in melodramas – are never realized. Neither are there any attempts at cheap humor concerning the peculiarities of the behavior of the inmates. […] The outstanding achievement of Don't Look in the Basement is its creation of a claustrophobic ambiance of horror – the first film to do so since Night of the Living Dead. – from an illustrated review by Frank Jackson



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