The Forest (1981)

35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Don Jones.

Plot Summary

and fall prey to a cannibal hermit.


Directed by: Don Jones
© MCMLXXXI [1981] by Commedia Pictures, Inc.
Don Jones presents
Executive Producer: Frank Evans
Associate Producers: Erv Sanders, Charles Aubuchon
Produced by: Don Jones
Written by: Evan Jones
Director of Photography: Stuart Asbjornsen
Additional Photography: Ken Barrows
Editors: Robert Berk, Nod Senoj [real name: Don Jones]
Music by: Richard Hieronymus and Alan Oldfield
Production Sound: J.L. Clark
Make Up: Dana Wolski
Art Director: Sandra Sanders

Dean Russell (Steve)
Michael Brody (John)
Elaine Warner (Sharon)
John Batis (Charlie)
Ann Wilkinson (Teddi)
Jeanette Kelly (mother)
Tony Gee (plumber)
Stafford Morgan (man)
Marilyn Anderson (woman)
Corky Pigeon (John Jr)
Becki Burke 1Credited as Becky Burke in the end credits] (Jennifer)
J.L. Clark (mechanic)
Don Jones (forest ranger)

Alternative Titles

El bosque del terror – Argentine title
Le Carnage – French Belgian title
To Dasos – Greek title
A Floresta – Portuguese title
Las – Polish title
Pelon uhrit – Finnish title
Suma – Serbian title
Terror in the Forest


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