The Folks at Red Wolf Inn (1972)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Bud Townsend.

Plot Summary

Student Regina wins a holiday break at the remote and seemingly idyllic Red Wolf Inn. The elderly couple who run the place seem friendly enough, if a bit eager to please. But Regina soon learns that people check into the Red Wolf Inn and never leave – and there's something very suspect indeed about the couple's barbecued ribs…


Directed by: Bud Townsend
© 1972 The Red Wolf Company
Scope III Inc for Far West Films
Produced by: Michael Macready
Associate Producers: Herb Ellis, Allen J. Actor
Production Manager: Erik Nelson
Screenplay by: Allen J. Actor
Script Supervisor: Patty Sue Townsend
Director of Photography: John McNichol
Chief Electrician: Al York
Key Grip: Leo Behar
Film Editor: Al Maguire
Post Production: The Film Place
Original Music: Bill Marx
Sound Mixer: Bruce Bisense
Sound: Ryder Film Service
Sound Effects: Rich Harrison
Titles & Opticals: Modern Film Effects, Steve Orfanos
Art Director: Mike Townsend
Set Decorator & Props: Elizabeth Nelson
Assistant to the Producer: Ted Petit
Girl on the Set: Nola
Kitchen Helpers: Carl, Jenny, Ray, Pam, Bubi, Ann, Bob, Peter, David, Johnny, Jeff, Tom, Paul, Joe & Lenny
Casting: Sheila Manning

Linda Gillen (Regina)
John Neilson (Baby John)
Arthur Space (Henry)
Mary Jackson as Evelyn
Janet Wood (Pamela)
Margaret Avery (Edwina)

As listed in the end credits ‘Menu'
Hors d'oeuvres
Janet Wood (Pamela)
Margaret Avery (Edwina)

Main Course – a la Carte
Linda Gillen (Regina)
John Neilson (Baby John)
Arthur Space (Henry)
Mary Jackson (Evelyn)

Side Dishes
Michael Macready (Jonathan the deputy)
Earl Parker (Paul the pilot)

Alternative Titles

A Cena con la signora omicidi – Italy
Club Dead
Terror at Red Wolf Inn
Terror House
Terror on the Menu – USA (video)

See also
Tales from the Cannibal Side (1998)



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