The Flesh Eaters (1962)

88m, 7960 feet
35mm film, black and white
mono (Westrex Sound Recording), English

An American horror film directed by Jack Curtis. It was originally released in the USA on 10 October 1966.

Plot Summary

A seemingly deserted island is besieged by glowing sea organisms that grow into monsters.


Directed by: Jack Curtis
© MCMLXII [1962] by Vulcan Productions, Inc.
Vulcan Productions presents
Produced by: Terry Curtis, Jack Curtis, Arnold Drake
Associate Producer: Bernard Cherin
Production Manager: Lyn Fairhurst
Screenplay: Arnold Drake
Director of Photography: Carson Davidson
Camera Operator: John Carroll
Camera Assistant: Fred Portnow
Editor: Radley Metzger
Laboratory Supplies: Will-New York
Music: Julian Stein
Orchestrations: Noël Regney
Sound Engineer: Martin Garcia
Rerecordist: Robert Sherwood
Sound Effects: Laverne Owens, Cinemascores, Inc
Sound: Titra Sound Corp.
Dialogue Supervision: Film-Sync
Supramotion by: Wylde Films, Inc.
Special Effects: Roy Benson
Optical Photography: B&O Film Effects
Technical Consultant: Evan J. Anton
Skindiving Equipment: Richard's Aqua Lung Center

Martin Kosleck (Peter Bartell)
Byron Sanders (Grant Murdock)
Barbara Wilkin (Jan Letterman)
Rita Morley (Laura Winters)
Ray Tudor (Omar)
Christopher Drake (Matt)
Darby Nelson (Jim)
Rita Floyd (radio operator)
Warren Houston (cab driver)
Barbara Wilson (Ann)
Ira Lewis (Freddy)



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