The Fantastic Journey (1977)

USA, 3 February – 16 June
1 season, 10 episodes, average 50m
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American science fiction television episode created by Bruce Lansbury.


A family and their friends charter a boat and find themselves on mysterious island in the .


Regular Crew
Bruce Lansbury Productions, Columbia Pictures Television
Created by: Bruce Lansbury
Executive Producer: Bruce Lansbury
Produced by: Leonard Katzman
Music by: Dick DeBenedictis, Robert Prince

Regular Cast
Jared Martin (Varian)
Ike Eisenmann (Scott Jordan)
Carl Franklin (Dr Fred Walters)
Katie Saylor (Liana)
Roddy McDowall (Dr Jonathan Willoway)


Vortex (3 February 1977)
Atlantium (10 February 1977)
Beyond the Mountain (17 February 1977)
Children of the Gods (24 February 1977)
A Dream of Conquest (24 February 1977)
An Act of Love (24 March 1977)
Funhouse (31 March 1977)
Turnabout (7 April 1977)
Riddles (21 April 1977)
The Innocent Prey (16 June 1977)



  • Cinefantastique vol.5 no.4 (1977) p.22 – illustrated credits, review (by Peter Perakos)