The Fall of a Nation (1916)

35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

An American science fiction film directed by Thomas Dixon. It is believed to be lost.

Plot Summary

The States, under a pacifist regime, has become unprepared for war and is invaded by European forces. An army of women leads the fight back.


Directed by: Thomas Dixon
National Drama Corporation
Written by: Thomas Dixon
Directors of Photography: John W. Boyle, William C. Thompson, Claude H. ‘Bud' Wales, Jack R. Young
Music by: Victor Herbert
Production Sound Mixer:
Art Director: G.H. Percival

Lorraine Huling (Virginia Holland)
Percy Standing (Charles Waldron)
Arthur Shirley (John Vassar)
Flora Macdonald (Angela Benda)
Paul Willis (Billy)
Philip Gastrock (Tomasso Benda)
C.H. Geldert [real name: Clarence Geldert] (Gen. Arnold)
Clarence G. Barr (Abraham Lincoln)
Mildred Bracken (Mrs Schultz)
Beulah Burns (‘Little Sausage' Schultz)
Ernest Butterworth
Liane Held Carrera (Jael's daughter)
James Robert Chandler (Roger Williams)
Charles S. Drew (Alexander I of Russia)
Cora Drew (Mrs Holland)
Leila Frost (Zonia)
May Geraci (Little Tommaso)
Joseph H. Hazelton (Honorable Plato Barker)
O.B. Nair (Reverend A. Cuthbert Pike
William E. Parsons (Frederick William III of Prussia)



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