The Face at the Window (1919)

35mm film, black and white

An Australian horror film directed by Charles Villiers. It's the earliest known film adaptation of F. Brooke Warren play.

Plot Summary

Master criminal Le Loup terrorises Paris, howling like a wolf as he attacks his victims and hiding behind grotesque mask. When he murders a banker and a detective, a scientist uses his electrical device to bring the latter briefly back to life allowing him to identify the killer.


Director: Charles Villiers
D.B. O'Connor Feature Films
Producer: D.B. O'Connor
Script: Gertrude Lockwood
Play: F. Brooke Warren
Assistant Director: Gerald Harcourt
Director of Photography: Lacey Percival

D.B. O'Connor (Lucio Delgrado/Le Loup)
Agnes Dobson (Marie de Brison)
Claude Turton (Paul Gouffet)
Gerald Harcourt (Lucien Cortier)
Collet Dobson (M. de Brison)
Charles Villiers (Barbelon)
Percy Walshe (Dr Le Blanc)
Lulu Vincent (Mother Pinau)
Syd Everett (Bartel)
Millie Carlton (maid)
Charles Beetham (prefect of police)
D.L. Dalziel (Detective Drummond)
Gilbert Emery (caretaker of bank

Production Notes

In Australia, the stabbing scene was removed from prints shown in Sydney.


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