The Evolution of Snuff (1977)

West Germany,
35mm film, colour

A West German of genre interest directed by Andrzej Kostenko and Karl Martine.


A documentary following pornographer Robert Furch as he tries to make a film supposedly based on Lysistrata, but his leading lady, Claudia Fielers, commits suicide before the film is completed. Roman Polanski, Carl Amery and the narrator appear to suggest that Fielers' death may have been murder, the actress killed to appear in a “snuff movie.”


Directors: Andrzej Kostenko, Karl Martine
Monopol Film Company
Locations: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Carl Amery
Claudia Fielers
Robert Furch
Roman Polanski

Alternative Titles

Confessions of a Blue Movie Star

Includes extracts from
The Last House on the Left (1972)