The Escape of R.D.7 (1961)

UK, 21 November -19 December 1961
1 series, 5 episodes, average 45m
videotape, 16mm film, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction television series.


Virologist Dr Anna Hastings creates the virus R.D.7, intended to combat the rising number of rats. After a lab accident, she retires to a remote boathouse in the Essex marshes to complete her work but becomes infected. The virus is soon spreading throughout the local population at an alarming rate.


Produced by: James Ormerod
Written by: Thomas Clarke
Based on an Original Idea by: James Parish
Designed by: Stephen Bundy

Barbara Murray (Dr Anna Hastings)
Roger Croucher (Peter Warner)
Patrick Cargill (Patrice Constantine)
Derek Croucher (David Cardosa)
Ellen Pollock (Dr Mary Carter)
Jennifer Wright (Peggy Butler)


Out of Hand (21 November 1961)
The Glass is Shattered (28 November 1961)
Twice Bitten (5 December 1961)
The Trap (12 December 1961)
A Matter of Business (19 December 1961)



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