The Equinox… A Journey Into the Supernatural (1967)

USA, 1967
16mm film, colour, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Dennis Muren. The film was later expanded into the feature film Equinox (1970).


A group of young people search for a missing scientist in the woods and are attacked by demonic creatures.


Directed by: Dennis Muren
Co-directed by: Mark Thomas McGee
© Dennis E. Muren 1967
Berkshire Productions presents
Produced by: Dennis Muren
Written by: Mark Thomas McGee
Music by: Truman Fisher
Sound by: White Productions
Special Photographic Effects: Dennis Muren, David Allen
Matte Artist: Jim Danforth
Production Staff: Alan Gould, David Stipe, Susan Turner, Bill Goodwin, Conrad Buff, Lin Kroll and Chris Koppel

Skip Shimer
Barbara Hewitt
Frank Boers Jr
Robin Snider
Fritz Lieber
Louis Clayton
Jim Phillips
Patrick Burke
Sharon Gray
Jim Duron

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