The Entity (1981)

35mm film, 70mm film (blow-up), filmed in Panavision (anamorphic), colour, 2.20:1 (70mm prints), 2.35:1
Dolby Stereo in selected theatres (35mm film prints), 70mm 6-Track (70mm prints), English

An American horror film directed by Sidney J. Furie.

Plot Summary

Carla Moran is subjected to a terrifying series of sexual assaults by an unseen and possibly supernatural assailant.


Directed by: Sidney J. Furie
© 1981 Pelleport Investors, Inc.
American Cinema Productions presents a Sidney J. Furie film
Executive Producers: Michael Leone and Andrew D.T. Pfeffer
Produced by: Harold Schneider
Screenplay by: Frank DeFelitta
Based on the Novel ‘The Entity‘ by: Frank DeFelitta
Director of Photography: Stephen H. Burum
Film Editor: Frank J. Urioste
Music by: Charles Bernstein
Sound Mixer: Willie D. Burton
Costume Supervisor: Nancy McArdle
Make-up: Zoltan Elek
Hairstylist: Christine Lee
Special Make-Up Effects Created by: Stan Winston and James Kagel
Special Effects by: Joe Lombardi, Special Effects Unlimited
Special Effects: Marty Bresin, Joe DiGaetano, Steve Lombardi, Gary Monak, Bob Willard
Visual Effects Designed by: William Cruse
Production Designer: Charles Rosen
Casting: Barbara S. Claman for BCI
Filmed at: Kings Point Corporation, Laird International Studios
Locations: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California, USA

Barbara Hershey (Carla Moran)
Ron Silver (Phil Sneiderman)
David Labiosa (Billy)
George Coe (Dr Weber)
Margaret Blye (Cindy Nash)
Jacqueline Brookes (Dr Cooley)
Michael Alldredge (George Nash)
Richard Brestoff (Gene Kraft)
Raymond Singer (Joe Mehan)
Natasha Ryan (Julie)
Melanie Gaffin (Kim)
Allan Rich (Dr Walcott)
Alex Rocco as Jerry Anderson
Sully Boyar (Mr Reisz)
Tom Stern (Woody Browne)
Curt Lowens (Dr Wilkes)
Paula Victor (Dr Chevalier)
Lee Wilkof (Dr L. Hose)
Deborah Stevenson, Mark Weiner (interns)
Lisa Gurley (receptionist)
Chris Howell (guard)
John Branagan, Daniel Furie, Amy Kirkpatrick, Todd Kutches, Pauline Lomas (students)
Renee Neimark (nurse)

Alternative Titles

O Aoratos viastis – Greek title
L'Emprise – French/French Canadian title
O Ente Misterioso – Portuguese title
El ente – Spanish title
Entity – Es gibt kein Entrinnen vor dem Unsichtbaren, das uns verfolgt – West German title
Entity – Italian title
Entity – tuntematon voima – Finnish title
Istota – Polish title
Karabasan – Turkish title
Het Onding – Dutch title

Extracts included in
Dream Work (2002)
The Entity Files (2005)
Outer Space (1999)
Scream Greats, Vol. 2: Satanism and Witchcraft (1986)

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