The Energy Carol (1975)

10m 33s
mono, English

A Canadian animated fantasy film directed by Les Drew and based on Charles Dickens' novel .

Plot Summary

Ebenezer , head of Zeus Energy Inc, is taught how to save energy and stop wasting valuable resources by ghostly visitations on Eve.


Director: Les Drew
National Film Board of Canada
Sponsors: Office of Energy Conservation, Dept. of Energy/Department of Energy, Mines & Resources
Executive Producer: Wolf Koenig
Producer: Sidney Goldsmith
Story: Les Drew
Novel: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Animation: Pino Van Lamsweerde, John Weldon, Bob Browning, Robert Doucet, Blake James
Backgrounds: Timothy Elliott
Animation Camera: Jacques Avoine, Richard Moras, Simon Leblanc, Serge Langlois
Sound Editing: Gloria Demers
Re-recording: Michel Descombes



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