The Dunwich Horror (1969)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English
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An American horror film directed by Daniel Haller. It went on general release in the UK on 19 July 1970 double billed with The Oblong Box (1969) 1front cover of Kine Weekly vol.633 no.3265 (9 May 1970) 2Today's Cinema no.9818 (30 June 1970) p.15.

Plot Summary

Nancy Wagner, a student at Miskatonic University, is tutored by Dr Henry Armitage who has taken it upon himself to watch over the infamous occult book The Necronomicon. In the nearby town of Dunwich, Wilbur, the great-grandson of occultist Oliver Whateley, the subject of Armitage's latest paper, is trying to get hold of The Necronomicon to finish his ancestor's work and unleash ancient supernatural forces.


Directed by: Daniel Haller
© 1969 American International Productions
American International Pictures
Executive Producer: Roger Corman
Produced by: James H. Nicholson, Samuel Z. Arkoff
Screenplay by: Curtis Lee Hanson, Henry Rosenbaum, Ronald Silkosky
Based on the Story by: H.P. Lovecraft
Director of Photography: Richard C. Glouner
Film Editor: Christopher Holmesm
Music by: Les Baxter
Sound Mixer: Charles Knight
Wardrobe: Richard Bruno
Makeup: Jack Obringer
Hairdresser: Faith Schmehr
Special Effects: Roger George
Art Director: Paul Sylos

Sandra Dee (Nancy Wagner)
Dean Stockwell (Wilbur Whateley)
Ed Begley (Dr Henry Armitage)
Lloyd Bochner (Dr Cory)
Donna Baccala (Elizabeth Hamilton)
Joanne Moore Jordan (Lavinia Whateley)
Michael Fox (Dr Raskin)
Jason Wingreen (police chief)
Sam Jaffe (Old Whateley)
Talia Coppola (Cora)
Barboura Morris (Mrs Cole)
Beach Dickerson (Mr Cole)
Michael Haynes (guard)
Toby Russ (librarian)
Jack Pierce (Reeger)

Alternative Titles

O Altar do Diabo – Brazilian, Portugal
Dunwich Horror – France
Los endemoniados – Mexico
Horreur à volonté – France (alternative title)
Horror w Dunwich – Poland
Ondskans riter – Sweden
Scarlet Friday – working title
Terror en Dunwich – Spain
O thanatos gennietai – Greece
Le vergini di Dunwich – Italy
Voodoo Child – West Germany
Ο θάνατος γεννιέται – Greece
Данвичский ужас – Russia
ダンウィッチの怪 – Japan

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Today's Cinema no.9804 (15 May 1970)
With more attention paid to the logic and continuity of the story, this would have been a creepie of quality beginning more or less where Rosemary's Baby left off. Although the special effects brilliantly conjure up horrific fantasies, the dialogue and action which link them together do little to generate tension. Nor does the American setting seem appropriate as the home of a superstition founded in the mists of time. – from a review (The new films) by Marjorie Bilbow



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