The Dumb Waiter (1979)

17m, 1,548 feet
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Robert Bierman.

Plot Summary

A young woman is pursued by a relentless stalker who finds an unusual way to get into her flat.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Robert Bierman
© [not given on screen]
A film from Bierman [real name: Robert Bierman] & Randall [real name: Maggi Randall]
Mimstar *
Produced by: Maggi Randall
Written by: Robert Bierman
Assistant Director: Jonathan Benson
Continuity: Jean Winter
Lighting Cameraman: Billy Williams
Camera Operator: Bob Boyle
Focus Puller: Roddy Barron
Clapper Loader: Richard Garland
Grip: Tony Cridlin
Editor: Maurice Hamblin
Assistant Editor: John Smith
Music: Colin Towns
Sound Mixer: Neil Kingsbury
Sound Dubbing: John Wood
Art Director: Evan Hercules
Prop Buyer: Belinda Edwards
Prop Man: Bruce Vincent
Thanks to: Deirdre Redgrave; Bob Bremmer; Marilyn Vanrennen; Weston Express; Roger Tomkpins; Wheal's Far-go; Roy Rodhouse; Joe Dunton Cameras; Julia Lisney

Geraldine James (girl)
John White (man)
David Casey (telephone voice)
Hilary Gasson (telephone voice)



  • Short Sharp Shocks by Darrell Buxton – note
  • Ten Years of Terror p.316 – credits, short synopsis (by Kim Newman)

Other sources

  • British Board of Film Censors Monthly List (August 1979) – credits