The Driller Killer (1979)

84m (UK – video), 94m
16mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Abel Ferrara.

Plot Summary

Artist Reno Miller is slowly going mad – trying to finish his masterwork, he lives in a squalid flat with two young women, struggles to make ends meet and is distracted by a loathsome punk rock band practising in the downstairs apartment. He finally snaps and, armed with a battery powered drill, starts taking out his pent-up angers on the local low-lifes and homeless.


Director: Abel Ferrara
© MCMLXXIX [1979]
A Rochelle Films release. Navaron Films presents
Executive Producer: Rochelle Weisberg
Associate Producer: Douglas Anthony Metro [real name: D.A. Metrov]
Script: Nicholas St. John
Director of Photography: Ken Kelsch
Additional Camera: David Sperling
Assistant Camera and 2nd Camera: Dale Denning
Assistant Camera: Kalman Schissel
Head Gaffer: Ernie Jew
Grips: Doug Rowan, John Coulakis, Sal Giarratano, Wendy Keir, Sylvia Talkington, Dale Diamond
Editors: Orlando Gallini, Bonnie Constant, Michael Constant, Jimmy Laine [real name: Abel Ferrara]
Negative Matcher: Lou Somerstein
Music Composed and performed by: Joseph Delia
All [song] performances: Tony Coca-Cola and the Roosters
Location [Sound]: J. MacIntyre
Soundtrack: J. MacIntyre, J. Delia [real name: Joseph Delia], Douglas Metro
Re-recording: Richard Wiegle
Locations: City, New York, USA
Editors wish to thank: J. Stroke; James MacReading; Chris Andrews

Jimmy Laine [real name: Abel Ferrara] (Reno Miller)
Carolyn Marz (Carol)
Baybi Day (Pamela)
Harry Schultz (Dalton Briggs)
Alan Wynroth (landlord)
Maria Helhoski (nun)
James O'Hara (man in church)
Richard Howorth (Carol's husband [Stephen])
Louis Mascolo (knife victim)
Tommy Santora (attacker)
Rita Gooding, Chuck Saaf (T.V. spot)
Gary Cohen (voice over)
Janet Dailey, Joyce Finney (girls at audition)
Butch Morris (sidewalk beggar)
Paul Fitze, John Fitze, Karl Metner, Chris Amato, Rich Bokun, Michael Canosa, Greg Schirria, Thomas Baeza (kids on street)
Frank Hazard, Jack MacIntyre (waiting for bus)

John Coulakis (hallway)
Lanny Taylor (rooftop)
Peter Yellen (bus stop)
Steve Cox (Empire State)
Stephen Singer, Tim Constantine (street corner)
Anthony Picciano (sidewalk and street)
Bobby De Frank (fire escape)

Rhodney Montreal (Tony Coca-Cola (guitar))
Dickey Bittner (Ritchy (bass))
Steve Brown (Steve (drums))
Laurie Y. Taylor (Tony's girlfriend)
Trixie Sly (manager)
Andrea Childs, Hallie Coletta, Victoria Keiler, Claire Mailer, Paula Nichols (friends)

Alternative Titles

Driller Killer

Extracts included in
Filmgore (1983)

See also
Repulsion (1965)


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