The Dreaming (1988)

35mm film, colour

An Australian horror film directed by Mario Andreacchio.

Plot Summary

Anthropologist Professor Bernard Thornton discovers an ancient Aboriginal burial site in a cave, unwittingly reactivating a curse invoked by the locals after they were attacked by brutal European whalers. His daughter, Dr Cathy Thornton, tends to a sick aborigine who has visited the cave against the laws of his people and she is soon being haunted by strange


Director: Mario Andreacchio
FGH, Genesis Films, International Film Management, South Australian Film and Television Financing Fund
Executive Producer: Antony I. Ginnane
Producers: Craig Lahiff, Wayne Groom
Associate Producer/Ron Stigwood
Production Coordinator: Diane Stuart
Script: Mario Andreacchio, Rob George, Stephanie McCarthy
Story: Terry Jennings, Craig Lahiff
1st Assistant Director: Gus Howard
2nd Assistant Director: Lindsay Smith
Continuity: Kristin Witcombe
Director of Photography: David Foreman
Clapper Loader: Lyddy Van Gyen
Focus Puller: Jo Murphy
Gaffer: Graeme Shelton
Key Grip: Brian Bosisto
Grip: Marcus Bosisto
Editor: Suresh Ayyar
Assistant Editor: Tania Nehme
Music: Frank Strangio
Sound Recordist: Robert ‘Gotch' Cutcher
Boom Operator: Des Keneally
Costume Designer: Ruth Munro
Production Designer: Michael Ralph
Art Director: Ian Gracie
Props Buyer: Vicki Niehus

Arthur Dignam (Professor Bernard Thornton)
Penny Cook (Dr Cathy Thornton)
Gary Sweet (Geoff Douglas)
Laurence Clifford (Najira)
Kristina Nehm (Warindji)
Patrick Frost (Dr Graham)
John Noble (Dr Richards)
Peter Merril (archaeologist)
Leo Taylor (Alf)
Kathy Fisher (sister)
Brian Mulqueeny (hospital aide)
Chris Jones (student)
Peter Green (detective)
Jack Harris (truck driver)
Hedley Cullen (drunk)
Kate Roberts, Brenton Whittle (barristers)



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