The Door with Seven Locks (1940)

UK, 1940
89m 17s, 8,017 feet/2,444 metres
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Norman Lee.

Plot Summary

When Lord Charles Selford died, he was buried in the family crypt, sealed in with a door with seven locks. A decade later, June Lansdowne arrives at the mansion to find a bizarre tenant, Dr Manetta, a Spanish medic, squatting there with a penchant for collecting instruments of … A string of murders is committed, investigated by June and two detectives who between them get to the bottom of the many mysteries surrounding Selford Manor.


Directed by: Norman Lee
© [not given on screen]
Pathe Pictures Ltd presents a Rialto Pictures production
Produced by: John Argyle
Production Manager: H. G. Inglis
Screenplay: Norman Lee, Gilbert Gunn
Based upon a treatment by: John F. Argyle
Based on the novel ‘The Door With Seven Locks‘ by: Edgar Wallace
Photography: Alex Bryce, Ernest Palmer
Camera: Ronnie Anscombe
Film Editor: E.G. Richards
Musical Director: Guy Jones
Sound Supervisor: H. Benson
[Sound] Recordist: F. McNally
RCA Sound System
Art Director: Charles Gilbert
Studio: Welwyn Studios

Leslie Banks (Doctor Manetta)
Lilli Palmer (June Lansdowne)
Romilly Lunge (Dick Martin)
Gina Malo (Glenda Baker)
Richard Bird (Det. Inspector Andy Sneed)
David Horne (Edward Havelock)
J.H. Roberts ([John] Silva)
Cathleen Nesbitt (Ann Cody)
Harry Hutchinson (Bevan Cody)
Phil Ray (Cawler)
R. Montgomery (Craig)
Aubrey Mallalieu (Lord [Charles Francis] Selford)
Ross Landon (John Selford)

Alternative Titles

7 lukon ovi – Finland
Chamber of Horrors – USA
La puerta de las siete cerraduras – Spain

Die Tür mit den 7 Schlössern (1962)



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