The Doll Squad (1973)

USA, 1973
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Ted V. Mikels.

Plot Summary

The Doll Squad, a team of elite female assassins, track down the man who has sabotaged a space project and is now planning to unleash a deadly virus against the world using infected .


Director: Ted V. Mikels
© Feature Faire Ltd
Geneni Film Distributing Company Inc presents a Ted V. Mikels Film Production
Producer: Ted V. Mikels
Associate Producer: Paul Burkett
Script: Jack Richesin, Pam Eddy, Ted V. Mikels
Director of Photography: Anthony Salinas
Editor: Ted V. Mikels
Music: Nicholas Carras, Buddy Kaye
Sound: William Nipper, Scott Spencer
Wardrobe: Nickie Bernard
Make Up/Hair: Sherri Vernon
Special Effects: Mike McCloskey
Optical Effects: Van der Veer Photo
Production Designer: Mike McCloskey

Michael Ansara (Eamon O'Reilly)
Francine York (Sabrina Kincaid)
Anthony Eisley (Victor Connelly)
John Carter (Senator Stockwell)
Rafael Campos (Rafael)
William Bagdad (Joseph)
Lillian Garrett (Nancy Malone)
Lisa Todd (Maria)
Gustave Unger (Dr Cahaymen)
Bertil Unger (Mr Cahaymen)
Curt Matson (Captain Curran)
Herb Robbins (Munson)
Dru Landers (nurse)
Jean London (Kim Luval)
Leigh Christian (Sharon O'Connor)
Sherri Vernon (Cat)
Bret Zeller (Cherisse)
Carol Terry (Carol Pierce)
Tura Satana (Lavella Sumara)
Judy McConnell (Elizabeth White)
The Penny Brothers Show (night club musicians)

Alternative Titles

Brygada lalki – Poland
Hustler Squad
Pirun enkelit – Finland
Quattro donne disposte a tutto – Italy
Seduce and Destroy
Squadra speciale con licenza di sterminio – Italy

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