The Disappearance of Flight 412 (1974)

USA, 1 October
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American science fiction television film directed by Jud Taylor.

Plot Summary

On a test flight, the crew of an Air Force jet encounter three UFO's and other sent to pursue them disappear. The military begin an investigation that turns into an attempt to cover up the incident.


Directed by: Jud Taylor
© MCMLXXIV [1974] Cine Films, Inc.
A Cine Films, Inc. production
Executive in Charge of Production: Terry Morse Jr
Produced by: Gerald L. Adler
Written by: George Simpson, Neal R. Burger
Director of Photography: Robert B. Hauser
Film Editor: Carroll L. Sax
Music by: Morton Stevens
Sound Mixer: Jerry Jost
Makeup: William F. Morley
Special Opticals: Pacific Title
Art Director: Albert Heschong
Casting: Hoyt Bowers

Glenn Ford [Colonel Pete Moore]
Bradford Dillman [Major Mike Dunning]
David Soul [Captain Roy Bishop]
Robert F. Lyons [Captain Cliff Riggs]
Guy Stockwell (Lt Colonel Trottman)
Greg Mullavey (Captain Podryski)
Stanley Clay (2nd Lt. Ferguson)
Jonathan Lippe (Smith)
Jack Ging (Green)
Ken Kercheval (White)
Edward Winter (Mr Cheer)
Simon Scott (Colonel Barnes)
Kent Smith (General Enright)
Cynthia Hayward (Nina Moore)
Jesse Vint (scanner)
Morris Buchanan (Sgt. Wallace)
James Storm (technician)
Brent Davis (Sgt. Feeney)

Alternative Titles

Dispariţia zborului 412 – Romanian title
O desaparecimento do Voo 412 – Portuguese title
La desaparición del vuelo 412 – Spanish title
La disparition du vol 412 – French, French Canadian title
Az eltűnt járat rejtélye – Hungarian title
La scomparsa del volo 412 – Italian title


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