The Diamond (1954)

84m, 7524 feet
35mm film, , black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British borderline science fiction film directed by Montgomery Tully.

Plot Summary

US Treasury agent Joe Dennison tracks a gang responsible for stealing a million dollars to England where they are planning to launder the money on fake diamonds. Dennison is joined on the case by Scotland Yard Inspector McClaren who is also searching for atomic scientist Dr Eric Miller who has gone missing in mysterious circumstances. Are the two cases linked?


Director: Montgomery Tully
Gibraltar Films Productions
Producer: Steven Pallos
Production Manager: Charles Leeds
Script: John C. Higgins
Story: Jonathan Rix [real name: Dennis O'Keefe]
Novel: Rich is the Treasure by Maurice Procter
Assistant Director: Jim O'Connolly
Director of Photography: Arthur Graham
Editor: Helga Cranston
Music: Matyas Seiber
Musical Advisor: Ilona Kabos
Sound: W.H. Lindop
RCA Sound System
Make Up: Charles Nash
Art Director: Denis Wreford
Technical Adviser: Robert Fabian

Dennis O'Keefe (Joe Dennison)
Margaret Sheridan (Marline Miller)
Philip Friend (Inspector McClaren)
Paul Hardtmuth (Dr Eric Miller)
Colin Tapley (Sir Stafford Beach)
Hugh Morton (Mr Pritchard)
Gordon McLeod (Mr Hawkins)
Alan Wheatley (Thompson Blake)
Ann Gudrun [real name: Gudrun Ure] (Sergeant Smith)
Francis De Wolff (Yeo)
Cyril Chamberlain (Castle)
Seymour Green (Lascelles)
Donald Gray (Commander Gilles)
Paul Whitsun-Jones (ballistics technician)
Larry Burns (police informer)
Don Cunningham (diamond laboratory technician)
Michael Balfour (Hoxie)
Eric Berry (Hunziger)
Victor Wood (Sam)
Alastair Hunter (Dr Cully)

Alternative Titles

Agente federal X-678 – Spain
Diamanten – Austria, West Germany
Diamantmysteriet – Sweden
The Diamond Wizard – USA
La gang dei falsari – Italy
The Million Dollar Diamond
Sinisen kiven salaisuus
– Finland