The Devonsville Terror (1983)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Ulli Lommel.

Plot Summary

300 years ago, the people of the town of Devonsville killed three young women that they believed to be . As they died, one of them cursed the town and three centuries later the arrival of some strangers in the still very superstitious and patriarchal town seems to suggest that the women's is about to be exacted.


Directed by: Ulli Lommel
© MCMLXXXIII New West Films
A film by Ulli Lommel
Executive Producers: Jochen Breitenstein, David Dubay
Produced by: Ulli Lommel
Co-Producer: Charles Aperia
Associate Producers: Tim Nielsen, Bill Rebane
Screenplay: Ulli Lommel, George T. Lindsey, Suzanna Love
Cinematography: Ulli Lommel
Editor: Richard Brummer
Music: Ray Colcord
Sound Mixers: Bruce Malm, John Huck
Period Costumes: Barnes Lober
Make-up: Erica Ueland
Special Effects: Matthew Mungle, George Rogers
Special Photographic Effects: David Hewitt
Set Design: Priscilla Van Gorder
Shot on location in Wisconsin, The Shooting Ranch, WI. and in Hollywood, CA

Suzanna Love (Jenny Scanlon)
Robert Walker (Matthew Pendleton)
Paul Willson (Walter Gibbs)
Donald Pleasence as Dr Warley
Mary Walden (Chris)
Deanna Haas (Monica)
Wally Flaherty (priest)
Michael Accardo (Ralph Pendleton)
Bill Dexter (Aaron Pendleton)
Priscilla Lowe (Myrtle Pendleton)
Angelica Rebane (Angel Pendleton)
Paul Bentzen (executioner)
Morrigan Hurt (witch I)
Barbara Cihlar (witch II)
Leslie Smith (witch III)
Jerri Bloechl (teacher)
Whitney Tower Jr (hunter)
Joanna Andruss (Sarah Louise)

Alternative Titles

Brujería – Mexico
Devonsville Terror – Italy
Terror Devonsville – Poland
Totentanz der Hexen – West Germany

Extracts included in
Zodiac Killer (2005)



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