The Demons of Ludlow (1983)

USA, 1983
35mm film, colour, mono

An American horror film directed by Bill Rebane.

Plot Summary

The small American village of Ludlow is preparing to celebrate its 200th anniversary and the villagers are initially delighted to receive a piano, left to them by the great grandson of the founder of the village, Efram Ludlow. But the piano has been cursed by Efram, whose hands were hacked off by witch-hunters. A journalist and former resident of Ludlow sets out to discover who – or what – is killing off the locals…


Directed by: Bill Rebane
© 1983 Ram Productions, Inc.
Titan International Ltd. presents a Ram Productions, Inc. film
Executive Producer: Barbara J. Rebane
Produced by: Bill Rebane
Associate Producers: Alan Ross, Cheri Caffaro
Written by: William Arthur
With Additional Dialogue by: Alan Ross
Director of Photography: Ito [real name: Bill Rebane]
Edited by: Brita Paretzkin
Original Created and Arranged by: Steven Kuether, Ric Coken
Sound: Dan Kennedy
Wardrobe: Mary Walden
Special Effects Prosthetics: Denise Bednar, Alan Rebane
Special Effects: Vern Hyde, Spectacular Effects of Atlanta, Georgia; The Shooting Ranch Ltd of Gleason, Wisconsin
Optical Effects: Exceptional Opticals, New York
Production Design: Bill Rebane
Filmed entirely in Wisconsin at the studios of The Shooting Ranch Ltd, Gleason, Wisconsin

Paul von Hausen (preacher)
Stephanie Cushna (Debra)
James R. Robinson (Winfred)
Carol Perry (Ann Schultz)
C.Dave Davis (Mayor)
Debra Dulman (Sybil)
Angailica (Ludlow's daughter)
Patricia J. Statz (Emily)
Mary Walden (Eleanora)
Michael Accardo (Andy)
William Dexter (Doc)
Donald Arthur (Ludlow)
Deanne Haas, Genevieve Brown, Mary Walden, James E. Chamberlain III, Paul Bernard, Richard Ausman, Richard W. Lance ()
Robert Dawson, Jose Granados, J.R. Robinson (fencers)

Alternative Titles

Das Grauen um Ludlow – Germany (video)
Ludlowin demonit
– Finland



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