The Demon Lover (1976)

USA, 1976
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Donald G. Jackson and Jerry Younkins.

Plot Summary

A group of teenagers in a graveyard fall foul of a pack of demons summoned by a Satanic priest.


Directed by: Donald G. Jackson, Jerry Younkins
© Wolf Lore Cinema Ltd. 1976
Wolf Lore Cinema Ltd. presents a film by Jackson/Younkins
Executive Producer: Bob Russell
Produced by: Donald G. Jackson, Jerry Younkins
Associate Producers: Jean and Les Morris
Written by: Donald G. Jackson, Jerry Younkins
Cinematography: Donald G. Jackson
Film Editors: Donald G. Jackson, Robert Skotak, Dennis Skotak, Bryan Greenberg, Jerry Younkins
Electronic Music: Don Gutz, Jerry Skolasinski
Additional Music: Messenger, Victor Duncan, Jack A. Frost
Sound Recording: Dennis Skotak
Costumes: Susan Bullen
Make-up and Special Effects: Robert Skotak
Art Director: Bob Scott

Christmas Robbins (Laval Blessing)
Val Mayerik (Damian Kaluta)
Gunnar Hansen as Professor Peckinpah
Tom Hutton (Detective Tom Frazetta)
Sonny Bell (Officer Lester Gould)
Linda Conrad (Elaine Ormsby)
Phil Foreman (Alex Redondo)
Carol Lasowski (Sally Jones)
Ron Hiveley (Paul Foster)
Susan Bullen (Susan Ackerman)
David Howard (Charles Wrightson)
Jan Porter (Jane Corben)
Michael McGivern (Garrett Adams)
Kathy Stewart (James Romero)
Kyra Nash (Pamela Kirby)
The Spirit (The Spirit)
Priscilla Southwell (Mrs Frazetta)
Kevin Baetz (Pete)
Steve Lincoln (Arnie)
Richard Clark (ambulance driver 1)
William Rasmussen (ambulance driver 2)

Alternative Titles

Coven – USA (video)
Demon Master – USA (video)
Demon Tower
The Devil Master – USA (video)
Fluch der Dämonen – West Germany
Master of Evil – USA (video)

Extracts included in
Trailer Trauma (2016)



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