The Dead One (1961)

USA, 1960
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
mono, English
Reviewed at The

An American horror film directed by Barry Mahon.

Plot Summary

A voodoo priestess sends her zombies to abduct victims for her sacrificial rituals.


Directed by: Barry Mahon
© MMII [2002] Independent-International Pictures Corp. [re-copyrighted]
Mardi Gras Productions presents
Executive Producer: Brandon Chase
Produced by: Barry Mahon
Assistant Director: Maurice McEndree
Script Girl: Clelle Mahon
Director of Photography: Mark Dennes
Master Electrician: Harry Duncan
Film Editor: Alan Smiler
Processing: Movielab
Music: R.F.T. Music Pub. Co.
Sound Engineer: Peter Genung
Rerecording: Magnasound
Gowns by: Mam'selle Tony Mont
Special Wardrobe: Kreeger's on N.O.
Make Up and Hair Styling: Richard Kereszl
Optical Effects: B&O Film Effects
Art Director: Stanley Rames
Set Decorations: Ray Menard, Walt Steinbrenner
Studio Facilities: MPA

John Mackay (John)
Linda Ormond (Linda)
Monica Davis (Monica)
Clyde Kelley (Jonas)
Darlene Myrick (Bella Bella)
Lacey Kelly
Paula Maurice
Robert Henderson
Wilson Scott
The Joe Burton Trio
Joe Jones Orchestra
George Trussell
Jean Wade
Herman Alfonso
Lloyd Guttierrez
Alton Fobb
Richard Thomas Washington
Andrea Chase

Alternative Titles

Blood of the Zombie

Extracts included in
Shiver & Shudder Show (2002)


Monthly Film Bulletin vol.29 no.339 (April 1962) p.51
After a preamble in New Orleans jazz spots and strip-tease joints, with a belly-dance thrown in for good measure, the film unwisely settles down to some inept Voodoo mumbo-jumbo concerning a deathly white zombie who appears to be clad in evening dress […] The sound-track may well have been recorded in a swimming-pool, and the less said about the acting and technical credits the better. – author not credited



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