The Dead Father (1986)

Canada, 1986
black and white

A Canadian horror film directed by Guy Maddin.

Plot Summary

When his father dies, the eldest son of the family is so resentful that he manages to bring him back to a sort of life for short periods of time. But the boy finds no comfort in his confrontations with his dead father and is driven to one final extreme act.


Director: Guy Maddin
Extra Large Productions
Producer: Guy Maddin
Script: Guy Maddin
Story Consultant: George Toles
Directors of Photography: Kathy Driscoll , Bob Russick, W. Steve Snyder
Editor: Guy Maddin
Sound: Wayne Finucan
Art Director: Jeff Solylo
Locations: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dr D.P. Snidal (the dead father)
Margaret Anne MacLeod (the widow)
John Harvie (the son)
Angela Heck (the daughter)
Rachel Toles (little girl I)
Jill Maddin (little girl II)
W. Steve Snyder (Cesar)

Extracts included in
Guy Maddin: Waiting for Twilight (1997)