The Daydreamer (1966)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An American animated fantasy film (with some live-action scenes) directed by Jules Bass.

Plot Summary

In early 19th century Odense, Denmark, Mr Andersen the poor cobbler sends his son Chris to find the Garden of Paradise, repository of all knowledge. Aided by The Sandman, Chris has a series of adventures and daydreams and meets a mermaid, an emperor with a new set of clothes, a lost duckling and the tiny Thumbelina.


Directed by: Jules Bass
© MCMLXVI [1966] Embassy Pictures Corp. and Videocraft International. Ltd.
Joseph E. Levine presents an Arthur Rankin Jr production. A Videocraft International picture
Executive Producers: Joseph E. Levine
Produced by: Arthur Rankin Jr
Associate Producer: Larry Roemer
Written by: Arthur Rankin Jr
Additional Dialogue: Romeo Muller
Based on Stories and Characters Created by: Hans Christian Andersen
Live Action Cineatography: Daniel Cavelli
Live Action Sequences Staged by: Ezra Stone
Music and Lyrics by: Maury Laws, Jules Bass
Sound: Alan Mirchin, Eric Tomlinson, Peter Page, Richard Gramaglia
Emperor's Clothes by: Oleg Cassini
Make-up: Phyllis Grens
“Animagic” Sequences Staged by: Don Duga
“Animagic” Technician: Tad Mochinaga
Set Designs: Maurice Gordon

Tallulah Bankhead (the sea witch)
Victor Borge (Zenith (the second tailor))
Patty Duke (Thumbelina)
Jack Gilford (Papa Andersen)
Sessue Hayakawa (the mole)
Margaret Hamilton (Mrs Klopplebobbler)
Burl Ives (Father Neptune)
Boris Karloff (the rat)
Hayley Mills (The Little Mermaid)
Paul O'Keefe (Chris)
Cyril Ritchard (The Sandman)
Terry-Thomas (Brig. Zachary Zilch (the first tailor))
Ed Wynn (the emperor)
Ray Bolger (the pieman)
Robert Harter (Big Claus)
Larry Mann, Billie Richards, James Daugherty, William Marine (various voices)

Alternative Titles

No Mundo Encantado dos Sonhos – Brazilian title
Oi peripeteies enos paramytha – Greek title
O Sonhador Feliz – Portuguese title
El soñador aventurero – Spanish title