The Day the Fish Came Out (1967)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Michael Cacoyannis.

Plot Summary

A NATO bomber crashes into the Aegean, disgorging the highly radioactive “Container Q into the sea.” The two crew members survive and make it to shore dressed only in their underpants. As they wander the desolate island of Karos (so bleak that many of the inhabitants have upped sticks and moved to Greenland), a team of not-very-undercover American agents arrive disguised as resort developers hoping to retrieve both “Container Q” and some atom bombs the aircraft was carrying. News that “developers” have arrived triggers a boom in tourism as hedonistic hordes descend on Karos. Meanwhile “Container Q” – which turns out to contain toxic rocks – is found by a farmer and his wife who dump it in the sea, killing thousands of fish while the revellers dance the night away at a beach party oblivious to PA announcements about the danger.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Michael Cacoyannis
© MCMLXVII [1967] Michael Cacoyannis Productions
A Michael Cacoyannis production
Director of Production: Yannoulla Wakefield
Produced by: Michael Cacoyannis
Assistant Director: Tom Pevsner, George Cosmatos *
Continuity: May Capsaskis
Written by: Michael Cacoyannis
Director of Photography: Walter Lassally
Assistant Editor: Vassilis Syropoulos
Technical Facilities: L.T.C. Paris, Finos Films Athens
Music Composed and Conducted by: Mikis Theodorakis
Sound: Mikes Damalas
Main Title Designed by: Maurice Binder
Costumes Designed by: Michael Cacoyannis
Wardrobe Supervision: Aliki Haritopoulou
[Wardrobe] Execution: Anna Stavroupoulos
Wardrobe Mistress: Diane Iona
Make-up: Tom Smith, Katia Stefanidou
Hairdresser: Grigoris Verekos
Art Director: Spyros Vassiliou
Dances Created by: Arthur Mitchell
Location Manager: Vassilis Mariolis
Unit Manager: Yannis Petropoulakis
Casting: George Cosmatos

Tom Courtenay (the navigator)
Sam Wanamaker (Elias)
Colin Blakely (the pilot)
Candice Bergen (Electra)
Ian Ogilvy (Peter)
Dimitris Nikolaides (the dentist)
Nicos Alexiou (the goatherd)
Patricia Burke (Mrs Mavroyannis)
Paris Alexander
Arthur Mitchell
Marlena Carrere (the goatherd's wife)
Tom Klunis (Mr French)
William Berger
Costas Papaconstantinou (Manolias)
Dora Stratou
Alexander Lykourazos

Alternative Titles

De dag dat de vis boven dreef – Dutch title
Den dag fisken flöt upp… – Swedish title
Den dag, da fiskene … – Danish title
El día que salieron los peces – Colombian title
Dzień, w którym wypłynęła ryba – Polish title
Il giorno in cui i pesci uscirono dal mare – Italian title
Le jour où les poissons sont sortis de l'eau – French title
…Otan ta psaria vgikan sti steria! – Greek title
Päivä, jolloin kala nousi pintaan – Finnish title
Quando o Peixe saiu do Mar – Portuguese title
Quando os Peixes Saíram da Água – Brazilian title
Der Tag, an dem die Fische kamen – West German title
Ziua în care vin peștii – Romanian advertising title
Όταν τα ψάρια βγήκαν στη στεριά – Greece
День, когда всплыла рыба – Russian title
Денят, в който рибата изплува – Bulgarian title
魚が出てきた日 – Japanese title


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