The Day of the Triffids (1962)

35mm film, CinemaScope, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British/American science fiction film directed by Steve Sekely and an uncredited Freddie Francis who directed all of the scenes set in the lighthouse.

Plot Summary

A spectacular meteor shower blinds anyone that looks at it, leaving much of the population of Northern Europe sightless. In the aftermath, a breed of experimental , the carnivorous, mobile , escape and begin to attack the helpless humans around them. Only a handful of sighted survivors can stop them.


Directed by: Steve Sekely; Freddie Francis [uncredited]
© MCMLXII [1962] Security Pictures Ltd
Allied Artists Pictures Corporation presents a Philip Yordan production. A Security Pictures Ltd. production
Executive Producer: Philip Yordan
Produced by: George Pitcher
Screenplay by: Philip Yordan 1The script was actually written by Bernard Gordon who was blacklisted at the time]
From the Novel Day of the Triffids by: John Wyndham
Director of Photography: Ted Moore
Supervising Editor: Spencer Reeve
Music Composed and Conducted by: Ron Goodwin
Additional Music Composed and Directed by: Johnny Douglas
Sound Recordists: Bert Ross, Maurice Askew
Wardrobe: Bridget Sellers
Make Up: Paul Rabiger
Hairdressing: Eileen Warwick
Special Effects Photography: Wally Veevers
Art Director: Cedric Dawe
Made at Shepperton Studios, England

Howard Keel [Bill Masen]
Nicole Maurey [Christine Durrant]
Janette Scott [Karen Goodwin]
Kieron Moore [Tom Goodwin]
Mervyn Johns [Mr Coker]
Ewan Roberts [Dr Soames]
Alison Leggatt [Miss Coker]
Geoffrey Matthews [Luis de la Vega]
Janina Faye [Susan]
Gilgi Hauser [Teresa de la Vega]
John Tate [captain of the SS Midland]
Carol Ann Ford [Bettina]
Arthur Gross [Flight 356 radio operator]
Collette Wilde [Nurse Jamieson]
Ian Wilson [greenhouse watchman]
Victor Brooks [Poiret]

Alternative Titles

Blumen des Schreckens – German title
Il giorno dei trifidi – Italian title
L'invasione dei mostri verdi – Italian title
Invasion of the Triffids
Revolt of the Triffids

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