The Dark Side of Midnight (1984)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Wes Olsen.

Plot Summary

Residents of a small town are falling prey to a mysterious killer known only as The Creeper.


Directed by: Wes Olsen
© Wes Olsen 1984
Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz present a Troma Team release. A Wes Olsen film
Producer: Wes Olsen
Associate Producer: MaryAnn Olsen
Written by: Wes Olsen
Script Supervisor: Gitte Norby
Director of Photography: Wes Page
Camera: Wes Page
Assistant Camera: Bob Napton
Gaffers: Gary Zwald, Tom Duncan
Grips: Vaughn May, John Zoslocki, Bruce Brown
Film Editor: Wes Olsen
Original Music Composed by: Doug Holroyd
Arranged by: Tom Fingers Farnsworth
Music Recorded & Mixed at: Musical Image Productions
Sound Engineer: Gary Shriver
Sound: Misty Walls, Tony Medeiros, Bill Prudhomme
Wardrobe: Suni Walls
Make-up: MaryAnn Phillips
Special Make-up Effects: Susan Frawley
Art Director: Bob Olsen
Set Construction: Alvin Olsen
Property Master: D.W. Wells
Production Assistant: June Asher
Paintings Furnished by: Robert Olsen & Merle Maxwell
The film is dedicated to Harley Lee
Casting by: James Hull

James Moore (Chief Cooper)
Wes Olsen (Brock Johnson)
Sandy Schemmel (Jan Cooper)
Dave Bowling (Mayor Reilly)
Dan Myers (The Creeper)
Dennis Brennan (Ben Fischer)
Eliot Fisher (Timmy Simmons)
Susan Frawley (Cheryl Tompkins)
Rocky Jackson (Lt Nelson)
Ron Posey (David Griffin)
June Asher (Kathy Freeman)
Anthony Medeiros (Chuck McCalister)
Nancy Frykman (Mrs Reilly)
James Hull (Mr Freeman)
Charline Freedman (Mrs Freeman)
Christine Asher (Terri Cooper)
Misty Walls (April)
Kat Huddleston (April's friend)
Kandis Boven (mayor's secretary)
Lisa Moeglein (Nelson's girlfriend)
Gary Thomas (police sergeant)
Steve Saunders (Mr Simmons)
Rita Thomas (Mrs Simmons)
Amos Hobby (Mr Tompkins)
Marian Napton (Mrs Tompkins)
Aubrey Asher (Dr Benjamin)
Tom Farnsworth (Dr Jacobs)
Steve Wiegman (neighbor man)
Diane Dilday (neighbor's wife)
Bill Prudhomme (Sergeant O'Hara)
Casey Stowers (Linda Parker)
Robert Olsen (arresting officer)
Bill Shipman (police detective)
Brad King (vagrant)
Sandy Asher (nurse)
Cary Thomas (Mr Turner)
Eren Fisher (boy #1)
Evan Fisher (boy #2)
Wes Page (radio interviewer)
Suni Lee Walls (girl in toy store)
Bob Napton (prowler)
Mike Hewitt, Barbara Page, Denise Hewitt, Dixie Zambruno, Dennis Zambruno (news people)

Alternative Titles

Blood City – West Germany
The Creeper
Tummuva keskiyö
– Finland



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