The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978)

USA, 23 January -24 January 1978
1 series, 2 episodes, average 150m each
35mm film, Technicolor, 4:3
mono, English

An American two-part horror television mini-series directed by Leo Penn.

Plot Summary

A New York family moves from Manhattan to rural New Englandwhere they discover that their new neighbours are part of a pagan cult, headed by the sinister Widow Fortune. The cult engage in strange surrounding their cirn harvest, rituals that soon come to threaten the lives of the newcomers.


Directed by: Leo Penn
© MCMLXXVIII [1978] by Universal City Studios, Inc.
Produced by: Jack Laird
Teleplay by: Jack Guss
Developed for Television by: Jennifer and James Miller
Based Upon the Book: Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon
Directors of Photography: Charles Correll, Frank V. Phillips, Jim Dickson
Film Editors: Robert Watts, Robert Shugrue
Music: Paul Chihara
Sound: Claude Higgins
Costume Designer: Bill Jobe
Art Director: Philip Barber

Bette Davis [Widow Fortune]
David Ackroyd [Nick Constantine]
Rosanna Arquette [Kate Constantine]
Rene Auberjonois [Jack Stump]
John Calvin [Justin Hooke]
Norman Lloyd [Amys Penrose]
Linda Marsh [Maggie Dodd]
Joanna Miles [Beth Constantine]
Michael O'Keefe [Worthy Pettinger]
Laurie Prange as Sophie Hooke
Donald Pleasence (with the voice of)
Lina Raymond as Tamar Penrose
Tracey Gold as Missy Penrose
Stephen Joyce as Robert Dodd
Martin Shakar (David Adwell)
Grayce Grant (Mrs Pettinger)
Stephen Gustafson (Jimmy Minerva)