The Dancing Princesses (1978a)

UK, 17 December
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television film directed by Ben Rea.

Plot Summary

A king who has six daughters wakes every morning to find that ther slippers have worn out over night and determines to solve the mystery.


Director: Ben Rea
Producer: David Turnbull
Script: John Tully
Based on a Story by: The Brothers Grimm
Lighting: John Summers
Music: Paul Patterson
Costume Designer: Dorinda Rea
Designer: Oliver Bayldon
Choreography: Geraldine Stephenson

Joseph O'Conor (King)
Angus Lennie (pipe major)
Christopher Biggins (Otto von Schlossenbach)
Bosco Hogan (Jamie, a soldier of fortune)
Rosalie Crutchley (nurse)
Veronica Doran (Princess Joan)
Nikki Heard (Princess Susan)
Joanna David (Princess Alice)
John Cannon, Ronald Musgrove (guards)
Lizabeth Greene (Princess Fiona)
Mary Chilton (Princess Belinda)
Leonie Palette (Princess Morag)
Sean Bartley, Rodney James, Adrian Gibbs, Paul Hennen (servants)